Joyce Mills

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Joyce Mills

Travel Designer

Blue Ridge Travel

  • 1031 Second Street Blue Ridge, VA 24064

  • 540-977-0505

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  How many times have we heard this question in our lifetime?


After raising two sons with my husband of 41 years, our lives were moving into a different, exciting direction, RETIREMENT!  But wait!  I still had not decided what I wanted to do when I grew up!  Time was running out and retirement meant slowing down, right?  Wrong!


Retirement means second wind, second chance, second career . . . Blue Ridge Travel!  I finally figured it out ~~ design travel for individuals, families, or groups, but do it on a personal level.  Make travel planning as stress free as possible for my clients.  Whether traveling on a short weekend to a quiet getaway or cruising on a luxury liner, a trip of a lifetime, that’s what I want to do for other people now that I’m all grown up!


Blue Ridge Travel, a home-based travel agency located in Blue Ridge, VA, was opened on March 2, 2006 and that is where I design travel for you.  “We Plan . . . You Play!”  While this is Blue Ridge Travel’s logo, it is my intention to live up to those words by keeping you informed throughout the planning process without causing you stress or worry.  The only thing you have to worry about is how much fun you plan to have on your trip!  I’ll do the rest.  Since my office is in my home, the atmosphere for discussing your travel needs is much more relaxed.  However, if you prefer, I will come to you.  Looking for a cruise to Alaska?  I can make that happen for you!  How about the Grand Canyon?  Ride a mule into the canyon, take long walks, or just stand at the rim and look at the majestic view of this magnificent creation.  Let’s see what works best for you!


Visit my website at to see what is in store for you.  A simple phone call is all it takes to get you started on all the wonders yet to explore.  In this time of economic uncertainty, I work diligently to make your dollar go further for all of your travel plans.


I am a native of the Roanoke Valley and a graduate of Jefferson Senior High School and National Business College. Married to my lifetime sweetheart for 50 years, Harold Mills, retired Machinist of NS, we have two sons and are blessed with a lovely daughter-in-law and two beautiful grandchildren.  My hobbies are cooking, baking, and candy making (fudge is my specialty), and telling my grandchildren “homemade” stories.  I love to write childrens’ stories and wrap my world around my family.


Blue Ridge Travel gives me the opportunity to continue to travel and explore new and exciting places so that I can share these travel opportunities with my clients.   I look forward to devoting my time to you in selecting travel that fits your desires and offers you the promise of lifetime memories.